16th September 2014 @ 04:25pm

Robert and Exton, photo shoot by Sam Jones for Vanity Fair [x]

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14th September 2014 @ 04:40am

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13th September 2014 @ 05:44pm

Robert Downey Jr and his son, Exton, for Vanity Fair

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13th September 2014 @ 04:57pm

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7th September 2014 @ 05:46am


Robert Downey Jr’s cameo in Chef (2014) directed by Jon Favreau

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5th September 2014 @ 04:01pm

The cast of ‘The Judge’ poses for portraits at the 2014 Toronto International Film Festival

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28th August 2014 @ 09:32am

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28th August 2014 @ 07:59am

Bigger version of The Judge poster (x)

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23rd August 2014 @ 04:13pm

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